The Invisible Hand
On the occasion of the 8th Triennial of Photography Hamburg 2022, IMAGINE THE CITY develops a free virtual companion that works with this year's festival theme Currency and links it to the thematic focuses of the participating exhibition venues. The entertaining digital channel uses the open-source technology of the communication platform Telegram to activate and connect the exhibitions: With the help of text and voice messages, live chats, short videos, artistic and found photography, and further references, The Invisible Hand follows the currency of images across the history of photography and ties its findings to everyday life in Hamburg.

Follow the money!

Starting from the allegory of the ,invisible hand‘, an editorial team frequently provides you with contributions to weekly changing topics. They break down the abstract principle of currency through looking at specific works of art and the questions they raise.The British economist Adam Smith coined the metaphor in the 18th century to describe economy as a self-regulating organizing principle that turns the fortunes of mankind for the better. Accordingly, the hand works as a - seemingly - omniscient commander who entrusts the editorial team willfully with different research-missions. In entertaining formats, the latter introduces you to the various strategies of how photography shows you the world and puts your relationship to reality to the test. The troll Cat Almighty, however, roams the Internet, challenges your insights with quirky findings and provides new impulses for the discussion. As a subscriber, you can follow this special mediation service live or, if required, search specifically for works, topics or locations in the media archive. Let yourself be taken along and get in - or out at any time!

The Triennial of Photography Hamburg has taken place every three years since 1999. A large number of photo exhibitions under a common theme highlight current tendencies. Since 2014, the Triennial’s organization has been led by the Deichtorhallen Hamburg GmbH. The 8th Triennial of Photography Hamburg 2022 is guided by the notion of Currency and will run from May 20 to September 18. In this endeavor, artistic director Koyo Kouoh leads an international curatorial team that includes Rasha Salti, Gabriella Beckhurst Feijoo and Oluremi C. Onabanjo.

The invisible Hand is funded by the Kultur.Gemeinschaften program of the Kulturstiftung der Länder with funds from Bundesbeauftragte für Kultur und Medien.

Editorial Team: Ellen Blumenstein, Harriet von Froreich, Theresa Michel, Cansu Naz Tekir
Date 18 May 2022 -
15 July 2022