The DOMESTICTIY exhibition series develops artworks that deal with indoor spaces and privacy especially for the showcase in front of the PIERDREI Hotel. Up to 15,000 new residents are furnishing their new homes in HafenCity - a good enough reason to take a closer look at interiors. Here, between the historic ensemble Speicherstadt and contemporary design, the young district's search for its urban identity is reflected; the planning vision meets individual arrangements.

For the second project of the series, Chilean artist Saray Purto fills the showcase with furniture, suitcases, textiles - packed together in a bundle, ready for the move. The sculpture HAUS WANDERER shows the ambivalences of the things around us that create a sense of home, store memories and reflect one's history, but can also become a burden, restricting movement and thus developing their own emotional gravity. Th reflects elementary conflicting needs for security and stability on the one hand, and freedom and change on the other. In view of current crises and the migration of millions of refugees, the confrontation with the material living environments gains relevance. The forced separation of countless people from their homes, possessions, and heirlooms brings to mind the privilege of those who can freely choose their own living situation, affiliation, and range of motion.

Saray Purto studied in Santiago de Chile and in Hamburg at Hochschule für Bildende Künste with Pia Stadtbäumer; in 2022 she received the Karl H. Ditze Prize for the best master project. In her work she deals with questions of migration, domesticity and home.  

Theresa Michel studied cultural studies in Lüneburg and has been working for IMAGINE THE CITY since 2019. Among other things, she was co-curator for the walkable audio library THE GATE and for the digital mediation channel of the 8th Triennial of Photography Hamburg DIE UNSICHTBARE HAND.  

For the DOMESTICITY series, IMAGINE THE CITY cooperates with artists from Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK) and presents new productions that respond to the unusual exhibition location in HafenCity: The 3-meter-high but only 80-cm-wide showcase is part of a bus stop on Sandtorkai between the PIERDREI Hotel and the Astor Filmlounge.  At the entrance to the new district, DOMESTICITY examines social self-conceptions. From different perspectives, the projects ask how we want to live - in HafenCity, in Hamburg, in Germany.
Date 15 September 2022 -
15 November 2022
Saray Purto