Offene Welten
German Cultural Federation, Federal Building, Halle an der Saale 
German Cultural Federation, Federal Building, Halle an der Saale 

Operating at the interface of city, art and digitalization, IMAGINE THE CITY develops a mobile digital application that combines artistic, cultural mediating and curated formats. Offene Welten is a cooperative project with the Museum of Contemporary Art Siegen, the Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover and Marta Herford and is funded by the Digital Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.  

Offene Welten thwarts the traditional distinction between time- and space-based art by conceiving space and time based on the movement of the visitor. Space is to be created individually along axes of vision and thought and thus remains open to its own associations. In contrast to the algorithmically structured cyberspace, which can link similar things together but not difference, users are challenged to adopt and add new perspectives instead of only repeating existing opinions.

Via a mobile digital application, which can be accessed either via the user's own smartphone or a borrowed device, traditional formats of mediation can be implemented just as much as individual or group-based playful stagings or multifaceted narratives that relate world history and personal experiences, socio-political and private matters, works of art and everyday objects. In this way, the exhibition space and the urban environment are also potentially related in terms of content.