Voices of the City
Voices of the City
Since September 2022 Voices of the City - Interviews in the Growing HafenCity

The new podcast series Voices of the City shows the diversity of perspectives in the emerging urban space. The balance between individual interests and the common good is taking shape on numerous levels - in major planning decisions but also in everyday encounters within limited spaces.

Date Since September 2022
Terence Koh, "Bee Chapel HafenCity", 2021, Image: Hang Nguyen
From MAY 2021 Bee Chapel HafenCity Terence Koh

After equally delighting inhabitants, art enthusiasts and passers-by during the month of August in 2019, Canadian artist Terence Koh’s BEE CHAPEL HAFENCITY moved from the Störtebeker Ufer to its temporary home on the rooftop of the Ecumenical Forum HafenCity. In the long run the site seems to be too cold for the bees, so the chapel finally moved on to Woods Art Institute in Hamburg Reinbek. 

Date From MAY 2021
Location Ecumenical Forum HafenCity
Shanghaiallee 12,
20457 Hamburg
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15 September 2022 - 15 November 2022 HAUS WANDERERSaray Purto

In the DOMESTICITY series, Chilean artist Saray Purto is exhibiting her sculpture HAUS WANDERER in the showcase of the PIERDREI Hotel in HafenCity. ...

01 JUNE 2022 - 04 SEPTEMBER 2022 how to live in the echo of other placesEvent Series

The sound and video installation entitled how to live in the echo of other places offers the opportunity to experience subjective memories of distant places both visually and...