how to live in the echo of other places Annika Kahrs
The two-part multimedia installation entitled how to live in the echo of other places offers the opportunity to experience subjective memories of distant places both visually and acoustically, but in the urban space. For several months, Kahrs is to occupy the premises of Schuppen 29 [Shed 29] at the former Free Port of Hamburg, the end point of an imaginary line between the old city centre and HafenCity. Located at Baakenhöft, its own history as a transshipment site for the movement of colonial goods now barely visible, a video projection and sound architecture will bring past (urban) landscapes to life in a contemporary urban setting. Already from a distance, a huge video projected onto the outer façade of the erstwhile cocoa warehouse will catch the eye of passers-by and guide them into the warehouse for their own individual experience of the immersive sound installation.
Date MAY to JULY 2022
Annika Kahrs