RUBIA Y MORENA Kristina Kröger
Kristina Kröger
16 June - 15 August
Showcase / Am Sandtorkai 46

Opening on 15.06. from 19:00.
19:30 LIEBE GRÜSSE, reading by Fabien Lübke

Curated by Theresa Michel

The DOMESTICITY exhibition series develops artworks that deal with indoor spaces and privacy especially for the showcase in front of the PIERDREI Hotel. Up to 15,000 new residents are furnishing their new homes in HafenCity - a good enough reason to take a closer look at interiors. Here, between the historic ensemble Speicherstadt and contemporary design, the young district's search for its urban identity is reflected; the planning vision meets individual arrangements.

For the first project, Hamburg-based artist Kristina Kröger has developed a two-part sculpture from discarded furniture and wood scraps. RUBIA Y MORENA consists of veneered pressed wood panels collected from flats and the streets of Hamburg, which is carefully reassembled for this occasion. At first glance harmonising in colour and skilfully crafted on closer inspection, several wood type imitations can be distinguished in the combination of which runs counter to 'good taste'. As before, judgements of taste are decisive for class affiliation; a solid wood table represents a status symbol just as laminate is no longer acceptable above a certain income level. The furniture objects are named after the Spanish terms for the female hair colours blond and brunette; they play with the attribution of the domestic as a female sphere and at the same time deliberately put themselves on public display.

Kristina Kröger has been studying sculpture with Martin Boyce since 2018.  In her artistic practice, she is concerned with the aesthetic vocabulary of everyday life and the potential to generate fictions and new narratives from a ‘language of things’.

Theresa Michel studied cultural studies in Lüneburg and has been working for IMAGINE THE CITY since 2019. Among other things, she was co-curator for the walkable audio library THE GATE and for the digital mediation channel of the 8th Triennial of Photography Hamburg DIE UNSICHTBARE HAND.


For the DOMESTICITY series, IMAGINE THE CITY cooperates with artists from the Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK) and presents new productions that respond to the unusual exhibition location in HafenCity: The 3-metre high but only 70 cm wide showcase is part of a bus stop on Sandtorkai between Pier3 Hotel and the Astor Filmlounge.
At the entrance to the completely new developed district, DOMESTICITY examines social self-conceptions. From different perspectives, the project asks how we want to live - here on site - in HafenCity, in Hamburg, in Germany.
Social codes also structure private space: how we furnish our own flat reveals values, life plans - and ultimately also class affiliation - and establishes or dismantles thresholds to neighbours. At the same time, individual consumption decisions are always part of global trade contexts.
The contrast between public space and the private sphere on display becomes the starting point for the series to consider the separation of the two areas of urban life - and their gender-specific coding. DOMESTICITY approaches these issues from the perspective of everyday life and proposes new narratives and forms of relationships.   
Date 16 June 2022 -
15 August 2022
Kristina Kröger